DUO Mentoring: Mentoring program

A One-on-One advice programme from high-profile business executives

This co-initiative with the French Trade Advisors offers the opportunity to have a mentor (business manager and experienced senior executive) who volunteers their advice and insights to French startups, entrepreneurs and SME representatives who are in the midst of expanding their business in the region.


It is a 12-month renewable mentoring programme based on the mutual commitment of both the Mentor and Mentee aiming to foster support contingent on a strong personal relationship. 

The commitment of Mentors is strictly personal (i.e. not a part of their company’s consultancy services) and the success of the programme is based on trust, respect and confidentiality.

Mentors & Mentees commit to the following:

  • Minimum number of physical meetings (6 per year)
  • Minimum meeting time (2 to 3 hours)
  • 1 year duration (renewable one additional year, if mentor & mentee expressly wish it)
  • One interim point after 6 months, to inform FSACCI & CCE & a final report of mentoring / evaluation
  • Mentor's availability for remote exchange (email, phone, videoconferencing, etc.)
  • Strict confidentiality rules

This program does not in any way incur liability for FSACCI, CCE & of course the Mentors for whatever reason.


Applications for Year 2022 are opened by the FSACCI & the CCE committee from March 2022. A joint committee selects the files & launch the mentorship program.

The candidate willing to get a session with the DUO Mentoring Programme shall fill in the form below and send it to business(@)fsacci.com before March 31st.


Who can be a Mentor?

  • CCE South Africa Committee Members

Who can be a Mentee?

  • Candidate must be a FSACCI Member
  • Any French entrepreneur / project-leader / start-up who recently created their company in South Africa (or is in a phase of accelerating its development), with at least 6 months’ activity in South Africa
  • Any young representative of a French SME 

More info


Programme Manager:

Business Services
+27 (0)14 940 0083

Our partner...


Programme Coordinator:
Jean-Claude LASSERRE
President of CCEF South Africa
FSACCI Vice-Chairperson

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