DHA: Circular Blanket Visa Extension

Our immigration specialist attorney, Angelika Yakovchuk, a FSACCI Board Member and a Partner at Werthschroder Attorneys (ayakovchuk(@) warns of further delays in processing of visa application in South Africa.

Ms Yakovchuk states: “Department of Home Affairs has yet again extended visas by further 90 days. This development has a dual effect - whilst this alleviates some pressure for companies employing expatriates in SA, it also sends an alarming message of continuous delays in processing and a mounting backlog of applications. The delays in visa processing at the Embassies’ level remains unaddressed”

To view the Circular Blanket Visa Extension download the file below.


Download DHA_28.06.2022_Circular_blanket_visa_extension_until_30_September_220628_204519__1_.pdf  (PDF • 245 KB)

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