Tax Refund Service (VAT)

UCCIFE (Union of French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad) in collaboration with FSACCI is now undertaking, for all foreign companies, the French VAT refund system in accordance with the 8th/13th rules of the European Union. This service is available to companies wishing to obtain a VAT refund for their business expenses in France (participation in specialised exhibitions and seminars etc.). 

To organise your VAT refund, you will need the following documents:

Original copies of all invoices showing the refundable amount of French VAT (hiring of space,  furniture, flowers, advertising, hostess services, phone, electricity, food and beverages…) 

IMPORTANT: copies of invoices, even certified, will not be accepted by the French Administration.

If the amount to be refunded is important, please send a copy of the receipt Bank payment…).


Two original copies of the mandate should be typed on your company’s letterhead, written in French and signed by the representative of your company. 


An original certificate of registration as a business entreprise must be provided.


A Bank account Identity number enabling the French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry to transfer the VAT refund.

UCCIFE / French South African Chamber of Commerce and industry abroad fees for this service are calculated as follows:

  • 60 Euro HT if total amount of VAT refund is under 600 Euro
  • between 601 and 5 000 Euro : 10 %  of the total amount of the VAT refunded
  • between 5001 et 10 000 Euro: 8% of  total VAT amount refunded
  • above 10 001 Euro :  6 % of  total VAT amount refunded

These fees are payable directly on the administration refund and will be invoiced to your company upon reception of this refund. 

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