Pria HassanFounder and CEO of the WOA (Women of Africa) Group

Advocate Pria Hassan is the Founder and CEO of the WOA (Women of Africa) Group - a dynamic women-driven service provider in the pharmaceutical, construction, logistics and energy sectors - is at the forefront of women development in South Africa.  The former University of Natal alumna attained her LLB degree in the 1990’s and later attended the Gordon Institute of Business Science. With a career spanning more than a decade, Hassan is a property, logistics and legal expert, who has held executive positions in several JSE-listed companies.

Driven by her passion to succeed and astute business acumen, Hassan made the bold decision to establish WOA in 2005 with the aim of creating gender inclusivity. The women owned and managed Black-Economic Empowerment Company paved the way for Hassan and other emergent local business women to trade in Africa. Hassan has scooped top honours claiming the titles of several prestigious awards including Top Black Female Entrepreneur in 2011 at The Metropolitan Oliver.

Since 2011, she has been awarded multiple local and international awards for her contribution to the energy, construction, engineering, legal, entrepreneur and numerous other sectors. Despite the accolades, Hassan remains humble in her achievements and is driven by her dedication to encourage and inspire future generations of female business leaders through knowledge, mentorship and skills development.

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