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A global pandemic - Is your business safeguarded against emerging technological threats?

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A webinar brought to you by LEX Africa

Due to COVID-19, the landscape has changed and we are relying more than ever on emerging technologies to conduct our business. The focus on communication technologies, Artificial Intelligence and data privacy has become critical in these times and there have been many changes to the regulatory environment in reaction to COVID-19. 

In this panel discussion, we address the emerging legal and policy challenges brought about by the use of data and the increased adoption of technologies like Blockchain, CryptoCurrency, ArtificiaI Intelligence and the Internet of Things, which affects many industries.

We also discuss cybersecurity issues (including hacking risks) and data protection issues, what your obligations are, how to detect threats, what to do when you detect them, what your remedies are and how big your potential liability for failing to safeguard your business and client is. 

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Date & Time: Thursday 4th of June 2020 |14:00 PM
Venue: Comfort of your home

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