Co-Hosted Webinar | Resetting the New Normal in Business & Operating in Emerging Economies


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In partnership with TradeBrics & The Spanish, Belgian, Italian & Swiss Chambers of Commerce

The world terrain post-Covid will be seen on a grayscale of pandemonium and economic disarray. Navigating the new economy may seem daunting and frustrating for individuals and corporates. However, if viewed from a vantage point of history and the advantages of global disaster management we can:

• Rebuild an advantaged economy with the prompt of avoiding the pitfalls of the old economy

• Unlocking opportunities in AfCFTA (Africa continental Free Trade Area)

• Realize the previously blue ocean markets within the red ocean markets

• Unearth untapped potential markets that were

• Previously overlooked or dismissed

• Sustain our country’s economy by engaging in active citizenry of its individuals

• Create new business trajectories within existing corporate structures

• And more…

This topic provides insight into the opportunities that lie ahead for the bold post COVID. The creation of utopia from dystopia and the innovative thought processes that can be driven when humanity is placed under excessive duress.


Event Details
Date & Time: Wednesday 16th of September 2020 | 11:00 AM
Platform: Zoom - A link will be provided upon registration
Speaker: Pravin Maharaj - Tradebrics Chairperson


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