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Digital Marketing Training I - Webinar

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Session One: What does creative success in digital look like 


Both business and consumers have been witnessing a rise in digital marketing as the go to strategy for growing as a business or brand. But with digital marketing being such as vast subject, businesses often don’t know where to begin, which digital marketing tools or strategies to implement. And once they’ve started where and how to look at indicators of success. 

The upcoming three-session series training hosted by the FSACCI in collaboration with Teads - the Global Media Platform, will debunk any misconceptions or assumptions around digital marketing, educate, and introduce businesses and business owners to digital marketing will be lead by Simon Whitehead- Senior Business Director – Teads South Africa.

Session One: What does creative success in digital look like 

We hope you use this three-session as an opportunity to usher your business into the digital marketing age in a way that matches your brand and its culture. 

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