Elections, Economics, and Evolution: Mapping South Africa's Path in 2024


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Join us for our next webinar to talk about the critical aspects of South Africa's economy in an election year.

Join the French South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry in collaboration with its platinum members Coface and ENS Africa for the next webinar to talk about South Africa's path to 2024.

As 2024 unfolds as an election year, our two experts Aroni Chaudhuri and Steven Powell will analyse the expected repercussions of the political agenda on the economy, including their effects on investment sentiment, policy direction, and budgetary decisions.

The discussion will encompass a detailed overview of the current economic climate, covering essential metrics like GDP growth, inflation, the prevailing investment climate as well as gain insights into South Africa's macroeconomic structure.

We will also explore the impact of sanctions, corruption, and fraud on South Africa's trajectory, which have permeated the nation's fabric, posing significant challenges to its governance, economic stability, and social cohesion.

Join us as we delve into these critical aspects of South Africa's economy in an election year, providing valuable insights and strategic perspectives for businesses and investors alike.


Meet our experts:


Event details:

  • Date: Tuesday 9th April 2024
  • Time: 10h00 – 11h00 AM
  • Webinar via Microsoft Teams


Register online > access at the top of the page "please login" > "register now". Or you can RSVP at events(@)fsacci.com . 



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