French-South African Business Forum


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The French-South African Business Forum is an event organised by Business France in partnership with the French South African Chamber of Commerce and the French Foreign Trade Advisers. The event will take place from October 4th to October 5th.


The French-South African Business Forum
"Connecting South African and French Business in the New Dawn"                                                 


> From Wednesday 3rd October
to Friday 5th October

Register below online on Quicket (if you are a South African entity) or visit:
> For French entities,
> For South African entities,


Hotel Hyatt,

> For South African entities, R1,500: Participation in the entire business forum (Plenary session, strategic and sectorial panels, networking and BtoB meetings set up via the dedicated Forum platform)
> For French entities, please visit the website of the event


> Thursday, 4th October/HYATT REGENCY/8.30AM - 18.45PM/SESSION IN ENGLISH

7.30AM - 8.00AM: Welcome Coffee

8.00AM - 8.30AM: Official Opening Session
                              Welcome Address by Christophe Lecourtier,                                            Business France(CEO)
Official Adress by a French Minister
Official Address by a South African Minister
                              Introductory Message by Jacques Michel, BNP                                        Paribas (Head of Middle East and Africa –                                                Corporate & Institutional Banking)

8.30AM - 9.45AM: 1st Panel /
"Invest in SA: Opportunities and challenges" 


> How to stimulate growth and Finance it?
> Diversifying the Economy
> Johannesburg, South Africa's Chief Industrial and Financial Hub
> Enabling transfer to knowledge

11.00AM - 12.00PM: 2nd Panel /"A new chapter for the South African Economy: The next phase"


> New 
Economic Framework and its Opportunities
> 4th Industrial Revolution
> Accelerating Transformation
> Women and Entrepreneurship
> Regional Intergration

11.00AM - 11.45AM: Coffee break

11.45AM - 12.30PM: 3rd Panel: "A New Approach: Building skills for the Future" 


> Education
> Vocational Training
> Research

12.30PM - 14.00PM: BNP PARIBAS Group Networking Lunch

14.00PM - 15.15PM: Two Sector Focused Discussions                                                              (Simultaneously)

> Agriculture, Agro Processing and Inclusive Land Reform
> Manufacturing and Transport

15.15PM - 16.30PM: Two Sector Focused Discussions                                                              (simultaneously)

> Retail and Adtech
> Energy, Water & Sanitation

14.00PM - 18.00PM: B2B Meetings

16.30PM - 17.00PM: Coffee break

17.00PM - 18.00PM: Cultural Experience: 

> "Little Foot: A historical Relic" Laurent Bruxelles
> Performance by South African artists

18.00PM - 18.45PM: Closing session
                                  Closing Summary, Christophe Lecourtier,                                                Business France (CEO)
                                  Official Closing Address by the French Prime                                          Minister (to be confirmed)
                                  Official Closing Address by the South African                                          President or Vice President (to be confirmed)

18.45PM: BNP PARIBAS/Group Networking Cocktail

> Friday 5th October/HYATT REGENCY/8.30AM - 13.00PM/SESSION IN ENGLISH                                                                  

8.00AM - 8.30AM: Welcome Coffee

8.30AM - 13.00PM: B2B Meetings 
                                Between French and South-African companies,                                      organized by Business France

Why the "French-South African" Business Forum?

> South Africa is France's leading economic and trade partner in sub-Saharan Africa (largest customer and second largest supplier)
> 370 French subsidiaries are present locally, employing more than 37 000 people
> France has a multi-sectoral presence in key sectors of the South African economy
> History of several iconic Franco-South African projects which have greatly benefited both countries
> France recognizes the importance of economic transformation in South Africa (investment in local content and training through the majority employment of South Africans, partnership with local suppliers)
> South Africa boasts a growing economy, good infrastructure, dynamic middle-class, clear regulatory framework and multiple opportunities

The Business Forum will gather:

> More than 200 participants, including South African and French authorities, South African and French managing executives and South African attendees
> Leading French companies willing to start or develop their activity in Southern Africa




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