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Member Webinar | Navigating the Future of Work in South Africa


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While the Covid-19 pandemic caused and continues to cause substantial economical and societal hardship, it also accelerated the deployment of alternative working styles, and requires companies to re-imagine their employee value proposition.

Companies are faced with a plethora of choices while defining the future of work, and often struggle to focus on what truly matters, given the absence of a structured framework and quantitative facts to base their decisions on.

In this webinar, BCG will present the findings of their recent research which is covering insights from broad-based engagements with employees and senior executives across industries. This highly employee-centric perspective provides companies with a focused playbook for success, offering critical guidance for CHROs, senior people management executives, and all other leaders—including CEOs—aiming to build a future-proof workforce and workplace to support execution of their company strategy.


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