Maurizio SantamiconeSenior Data Scientist at Fliptin. Consultant. Researcher. Ethical AI. Fight Bias.

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Maurizio is a data scientist, computer scientist and researcher with 20+ years of overall experience working on various computing projects, including own startups. He has a unique combination of technical, business skills and domain knowledge. His diverse experience (Research, Start-up and consulting in global projects) and can-do mentality makes him capable to quickly adapt and thrive in new environments.

Every industry will need to leverage Artificial Intelligence, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach to adopting AI, because every enterprise holds unique domain knowledge, business goals and historical data. He uses leading-edge machine learning techniques and statistical methods to harness and analyze complex datasets and build predictive models. He translates analyses into visualizations, recommendations, and stories that help diverse audiences understand and use data-driven insights.

He is passionate about community involvement, continuous learning, and developing innovative solutions to complex problems. He actively participates in social initiatives and he co-founded a non-profit organization that organizes fundraising events for disadvantaged children.

He likes speaking ground truths to senior leaders so they can drive revenue with emerging technologies.

- Data Science
- Machine Learning, Deep Learning.
- natural language processing
- conversational interfaces (chatbots)
- Tableau, Python, Scikit-learn, Pytorch, Nltk, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, MongoDB
- Broad business understanding (Finance, Strategy and HR)

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