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Adams & Adams: Navigating current challenges and looking beyond the water crisis

Adams & Adams looks at how the continent can navigate the current challenges of the water crisis and the opportunities for innovation.

'The African water crisis is simultaneously the continent’s most pressing and least reported-on social problem, and its severity is growing. At the time of writing, only a third of the continent’s growing population has reliable access to piped water, placing a severe constraint on economic development and sanitation projects. Rural supply is equally lacking,  encumbering the formalisation of the continent’s agricultural industry. To compound matters, a combination of climate change and increased usage will ensure continued water scarcity in the lead-up to 2050.

Unlike an industrial good, the supply of water can’t be increased through simple investment. Instead, Africa will have to invest into the deployment of water management systems to maximize the value it can get from its available water sources. This goal can be facilitated and aided by the implementation of various strategies, including automated management systems for the distribution of water, the treatment and reuse of greywater as a supplement to domestic use and irrigation, and the extraction of valuable mineral resources from waste water as an analogue to agriculture.'

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Adams & Adams is an internationally recognised and leading African law firm that specialises in providing intellectual property and commercial services. With primary office locations in South Africa and branches and associate offices in a number of African countries, Adams & Adams’ leadership position is reflected in the groundbreaking work they do, the valuable client relationships they have and the quality of their professionals.


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