Life in France: An Insightful Interview with Rachel Kolisi

Transitioning to a new country is often a whirlwind experience, especially for families uprooting their lives to support their loved one's career. Rachel Kolisi, wife of Springbok captain Siya Kolisi, shares her candid reflections on their recent move to France and the adjustments they've made along the way.

Rachel candidly discusses her initial perceptions of the French, acknowledging the stereotype of them being less friendly to non-French speakers. However, she pleasantly discovered that most French people are helpful and even enthusiastic about practising English.

From driving habits and food preferences to societal norms, Rachel highlights several distinctions between France and South Africa. She humorously compares the driving styles to that of taxi drivers back home and notes the differences in food tastes and environmental consciousness.

Despite the geographical distance, Rachel expresses her commitment to expanding the Kolisi Foundation's reach in South Africa. She emphasizes the importance of fundraising, raising awareness, and fostering connections with individuals who can support their philanthropic endeavours.

Rachel shares her experiences visiting various cities in France, from the bustling streets of Paris to the serene landscapes of Valmorel in the French Alps. She expresses a desire to explore more of the country's art, museums, and hiking trails.

Delving into French cuisine, Rachel reveals her fondness for baguettes, beef tartare, and galettes. She amusingly notes the cultural differences in food preferences, particularly the acceptance of raw meat in France.

While Rachel admits to still grappling with the French language, she appreciates the cultural immersion provided by her children's school experiences and their exposure to French songs.

Rachel shares her guiding motto, "This too shall pass," emphasizing the importance of embracing challenges and finding gratitude in every season of life. She underscores the profound impact of personal connections and her faith as sources of inspiration.

In this enlightening interview, Rachel Kolisi offers a glimpse into her family's journey of adaptation, cultural exploration, and continued commitment to making a difference, both in South Africa and abroad.

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