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NEW MEMBER: Mc Naught and Company Incorporated

Welcome Mc Naught and Comapany Incorporated to the FSACCI network!

Mc Naught and Company are a team of young and dynamic professionals.

' "You cannot specialize in everything” says director Mark. Too often one sees legal offices listing every sector of law they can think of as a speciality and that severely impacts on the credibility of the firm.

At Mc Naught and Company we have targeted a few key areas that we ensure we know an awful lot about and similarly a few that we steer well clear of, instead referring enquiries in those areas to colleagues who do, truly focus on them.

Thanks to the firm’s heritage, our primary area of focus will always remain property law and conveyancing with both Mark and Dave being accredited arbitrators on sectional title disputes and commercial law with the Arbitration Foundation of South Africa (AFSA).'


Contact: Mark Leathers | Director

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