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pinpoint one human resources: The Hawthorne Effect & the Future Leadership Attributes Required

The Hawthorne Effect was discovered because of research commissioned at a Western Electric parts factory in Hawthorne, Illinois.  The study was commissioned to determine whether changing the lighting conditions in the factory would increase employee productivity and initial findings appeared to support the idea. 

In the workplace, the Hawthorne effect can explain how the more attention an employee receives from managers, coworkers, and customers, the higher the level of effort and employee productivity. Essentially, productivity increases when employees believe that they are valued.

The impact of the global pandemic has caused a significant change in numerous workplaces resulting in employees being empowered and given more autonomy and the opportunity to contribute to the operations of the company. 

With this increased perceived freedom, there has been an increase in productivity in the short term. Many of us welcomed the freedom to work by design and could customize our days to suit our personal needs which accommodated homeschooling, childcare, cooking and cleaning.

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About pinpoint one human resources

pinpoint one human resources is an excutive search business established in May of 1999 with the objective to channel the founders' entrepreneurial desires, post 1994, into establishing an innovative South African owned C-suite recruitment business. The pinpoint one team is driven by the desire to enable the business to be the leading executive search firm offering a seamless executive search value chain from C-Suite Executive Recruitment through to C-Suite Executive Coaching in South Africa and across Africa.


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