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Reducing Email Usage: Minimizing Our Digital Carbon Footprint 

Did you know that our annual email usage generates up to 40 kilograms of CO2? According to expert Mike Berners-Lee, sending emails can have a significant environmental impact, equivalent to driving around 200 kilometres in a small petrol car.  

Learn more about the environmental footprint of email usage in this insightful article.

While the impact of individual emails may seem small, it's crucial to consider ways to minimize our digital carbon footprint. Here are some practical tips: 

1. Reduce Email Volume: Avoid unnecessary emails and opt for more efficient communication methods when possible. 

2. Energy-Efficient Practices: Use devices and data centres powered by renewable energy sources to reduce energy consumption. 

3. Email Management: Keep your inbox organized and delete unnecessary emails to save storage space and energy. 

4. Carbon Offsetting: Consider offsetting your carbon emissions by investing in renewable energy projects or carbon offset programs. 




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Together, let us take steps towards a more sustainable digital future!  


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