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A reflective overview of the 2022 AGM

The French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FSACCI) convened its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 2, 2023, accompanied by a vibrant Cocktail Network event. This gathering served as a platform to review and celebrate the chamber's journey throughout 2022, a year marked by the far-reaching impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy. 

Amidst the challenges posed by the global health crisis, FSACCI emerged with positive news to share. The AGM provided a comprehensive assessment of the chamber's performance during the tumultuous period, with a particular focus on its financial recovery and positioning among foreign chambers operating in South Africa. 

Dr. Yves Guénon, Chairman of FSACCI, expressed his profound pride and gratitude for the unwavering spirit of the chamber's community. Reflecting on the year, he noted, "This year presented us with new challenges and opportunities, and together, we have steered our course toward growth, innovation, and impactful collaboration." 

Guénon highlighted FSACCI's role as a beacon of collaboration, resilience, and transformation, emphasizing the collective effort to navigate uncharted waters and embrace change. He particularly emphasized the chamber's commitment to increasing French presence internationally, underscoring its decisive role in the collective effort. 

Financially, 2022 proved to be an exceptional year for FSACCI, marked by substantial recovery from previous challenges. However, it's crucial to note that the chamber's primary objective extends beyond profit-making as a non-profit organization. Instead, the focus remains on fostering stakeholder relations among its members in France and South Africa, ensuring a healthy and collaborative working environment between the two countries. 

The AGM revealed a noteworthy increase in membership during 2022, with approximately 150 members, a significant rise from the 113 members in the previous year. This growth underscores the chamber's effectiveness in building and sustaining meaningful connections within its community. 

The meeting also marked a transition in leadership with the election of a new board of directors, including prominent figures like Lee Chana, Thuli Phiri, Dr. Yves Guenon, Sebastien De Place, Philip Geromont, and Francois De Thomasson. This change aligns with the chamber's commitment to diversity and innovation. 

Looking ahead, FSACCI introduced a new team in 2022, with Erwanne Meilhoc as General Manager, Margaux Schaubroeck as Head of Events, Marketing & Communication, and David Mvondo Mvondo as the Project Officer. These strategic additions aim to further enhance the chamber's capabilities and impact. 

As FSACCI continues to navigate the complexities of the ever-changing business landscape, the AGM serves as a testament to its resilience, growth, and unwavering commitment to fostering strong ties between France and South Africa. The chamber's story is one of adaptability, collaboration, and a forward-looking vision, ensuring that it remains a key player in international business relations. 

Read the annual report HERE.

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