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Adams & Adams: The Machines Are Here - 3D Printing

Exploring whether 3D printing poses a genuine challenge to intellectual property laws and rights holders

Although 3D printing technology has been in existence for several decades, its recent proliferation makes it clear that never before as much as now, has this technology presented as acute a challenge to Intellectual Property (IP) laws and rights holders, and to traditional manufacturing practices.

The prolific rate at which 3D printers are being produced is realistically projected to result in a 3D printer becoming a common household device in the next few years. This could ultimately decentralise manufacturing, by enabling virtually anyone to become a manufacturer in the comfort of their home. 

Naturally, such a result would significantly disrupt the general order of business, and do so in a far-reaching manner that would affect the economy at large, e.g. with reference to the availability of employment and the collection of taxes.

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