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During the AI Expo Africa, the largest Enterprise AI trade show on November 2-3, 2023, hosted in Sandton, the French South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry - FSACCI organized a networking event on November 2nd. This event aimed to bring together chamber members and companies interested in AI-related topics. At this gathering, we had the honor of hosting two distinguished members, Marketa Havlik-Liebenberg, Chief Data and Digital Marketing Officer at L'Oréal South Africa, and Maurizio Santamicone, Automation, AI, and Cloud Leader and Director at Fliptin Technologies, who shared insights on key issues. Here are the key takeaways from their presentations :

1. The use of AI in marketing is not a recent development; it has been utilized for a decade, primarily for time-saving templates.

2. Today, AI presents multifaceted opportunities in the realms of business and communication.

3. AI serves as a powerful tool for precise target audience engagement and more efficient communication. Generative AI also contributes to product development.

4. In the domain of content creation, AI plays a role in all stages, from brainstorming and product briefs to visual creation. Tools like ChatGPT, D-ID, and Cohere can significantly expedite the content creation process.

5. It's crucial to remember that AI is a tool and should be supervised. AI does not replace humans entirely, and it's necessary to verify the information provided to avoid issues like copyright violations.

Following the presentations, a breakfast session allowed participants to network and engage in discussions. We extend our gratitude to our two speakers, esteemed members of the chamber, for sharing their expertise on the exciting topic of AI and its impact on the future of business and communication.

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