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In partnership with Bureau Veritas

On Thursday April 15th 2021, we held the first FSACCI Coffee Table of the year on 'Fostering a Sustainable World - The Need for Integrated Strategies', in partnership with Bureau Veritas

Sustainability, and topics related to CSR or ESG, have become key growth drivers and catalysts of trust for all economic players. Most companies around the world are reinforcing their efforts towards the improvement of product content, traceability, and environmental stewardship.

Beyond their financial performance and ability to innovate and address customer needs, companies are now valued for their positive impact on people and the planet. Decision-makers face the challenge of building trust with their stakeholders: shareholders, boards, employees, customers and society as a whole.

In this FSACCI Coffee Table, Bureau Veritas' Vice President, Sal Govender, delved into the implications of  CSR and ESG for such companies' implementing, monitoring, improving and communicating of their commitments for the improvement of their sustainability performance and the assurance of their continued reliability and competitiveness.


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