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Since 2005, Berdou Attorneys has prided itself in offering a wide range of Intellectual property and commercial legal services throughout the world. With over two decades of experience, founder, Barbara Berdou, has led Berdou Attorneys to its tremendous growth, with the firms's focus on providing in-depth and personalized attention to all its clients' Intellectual property needs.


Berdou offers a complete package of services to help companies protect their Intellectual property wherever they are in the world. These range from the registration and management of trademarks to the filling of a patent for a technical invention or the design of a model. Berdou also takes care of domain name and takes action where copyright or other IP infringement occurs. We also function as a partner for companies to determine a business strategy in which investments in Intellectual property produces optimum returns. 


> Lorraine Granier, IP counsel
>0114675776 / email 


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