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Brice Reignier

Brice Reignier is an award - wining illustrator based in Cape Town. Brice Reignier started his career in 3D animation working on local and international films and commercials. Branching into freelance illustration, he has happily played on many projects across a variety of media ranging from: Story and book illustrations, magazine and editorial illustrations, comic books and cartoons, conceptual and character design, corporate and retail illustrations, storyboards, book covers, posters and many more fruitful endeavours.

Proficient with most traditional hand-drawn mediums as well as most digital platforms, he enjoys exploring techniques and reaching for new canopies, blending the line between digital and hand-rendered textures. In the hollows between drawing, he also enjoys cheesy TV and watching leaves fall. He is currently rooted at his desk, illustrating children's books and comics.

Brice Reignier

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