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Coface joins FSACCI as platinum member

With over 75 years of experience and a comprehensive international network, Coface is a global leading player in credit insurance and risk management.

Coface is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange. Our 100+ experts in South Africa operate at the very heart of the local and global economy, and support over 1,500 clients to make informed decisions in their business development, both internationally and in their domestic markets.

We are also a recognised expert in business information, political risk and debt collection. We help our clients to secure their activities in order to build more successful companies, with complete confidence.


Credit Insurance:

• Our core business for over 75 years

• Protect your trade receivables against the risk of non-payment by one of your customers.

• Use a decision-support tool to drive your business strategy

• Coface indemnifies you in the event of non-payment and initiates the collection process


Business Information:

• Information collected in 195 countries and from 130 million businesses

• Micro-economic, macro-economic and sector data constantly updated and expanded.

• Access these risk analyses, and secure your supply or distribution chains

• Assess the strength of your commercial partners using the Coface score, and direct your business strategy accordingly


Single Risk:

• Cover your commercial and political risks for complex and one-off transactions for a minimum of €5M

• Protect yourself against an investment or contract-related risk, with each transaction covered by a specific contractual analysis



• Coface provides a fast and efficient debt collection service whether you are insured or not.

• Benefit from the assistance of experts dedicated to collection and indemnification from our network of international partners.

Read more on Coface HERE


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