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[Covid-19] Economic vulnerabilities in times of Covid-19 by Africa Practice

Infographic: Economic vulnerabilities in times of Covid-19 | Article by Africa Practice

'A high level of integration in global value chains is often praised to increase resilience in times of economic hardship. The Covid-19 pandemic paints a different picture, as travel restrictions, export bans for essential products, quarantines for container ships and factory closures disrupt global supply chains.

Nigeria, badly integrated within West Africa and highly dependent on it’s oil exports and diverse imports from China, is particularly vulnerable, whereas the East African Community, including its landlocked countries, will benefit from their high degree of integration and diversified trade portfolio.

South Africa, on the other hand, while exhibiting a high dependence on China, also maintains diverse and extensive productive capacities, resulting in a medium vulnerability level.  Neighbouring countries that rely on South Africa’s economy, however, will struggle especially when landlocked.'



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