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Heidrick & Struggles: Aligning Culture with the Bottom Line

How can companies accelerate progress?

Earlier this year, Heidrick & Struggles surveyed 500 CEOs at large companies around the world about how they define culture and how it influences financial performance. They also asked them why and how they work to cultivate their own organizational cultures.

During the pandemic and amid all the other varied challenges 2020 brought to countries, communities, and companies around the world, organizational culture was challenged—and became, for many organizations, the essential glue that held them together. Now, as leaders work to maintain resilience in hybrid and fast-changing working conditions, the increased sense of purpose, inclusion, and collaboration that culture nurtures matters more than ever to enable individuals and organizations to thrive.

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About Heidrick & Struggles

From assessing and developing leaders, to ensuring the effectiveness of teams and organizations, to giving clients the tools they need to shape productive, effective cultures, Heidrick & Struggles is squarely focused on one thing: unlocking the power of leaders—and the teams and organizations they work in—to fast-track success. In addition, Heidrick & Struggles's executive search experts have helped many of the most successful organizations build their senior leadership teams.

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