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Karen Longley, CEO of Leading Language, Finalist for Education Trophy by CNED

Congratulations are in order for Karen Longley, CEO of Leading Language, a member of the French Chamber of Commerce in South Africa! Karen has been selected as one of the 5 finalists for the Education Trophy for French citizens residing abroad, sponsored by the CNED. This prestigious accolade recognizes individuals like Karen who tirelessly strive to democratize education, ensuring its accessibility to all, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Karen's professional journey commenced as the Managing Director of Applilangue in France. Over a decade ago, fueled by a vision for innovation, she ventured into entrepreneurship. Despite encountering personal hurdles and grappling with unemployment, Karen boldly established Leading Language in South Africa—an enterprise dedicated to language acquisition, skill development, and proficient translation services.

Karen epitomizes resilience and tenacity within the entrepreneurial sphere. While her path as a CEO has been fraught with challenges, she has surmounted obstacles with unwavering determination. Adaptable and resourceful, she has demonstrated an innate ability to navigate life's uncertainties. Amid the upheaval of the Covid pandemic, when numerous businesses faltered, Karen exhibited remarkable agility by swiftly transitioning to online education. Her proactive measures ensured the sustained vitality and continuity of her enterprise.

The French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry takes pride and extends heartfelt congratulations on this well-deserved honour. Karen's remarkable achievements underscore the transformative potential of resilience amidst adversity. Her entrepreneurial journey serves as a reminder of the pivotal role perseverance and adaptability play in charting a course toward success.

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