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During the past year, load shedding moved from being a temporary solution used in specific situations to a normal daily condition: in 2022 South Africans experienced more than 200 days of power-cuts and 2023 is most likely setting a new record.

In order to deal with this new status quo, and mitigate the consequences of interruptions in power supply, Socomec offers a wide range of products allowing to protect and provide constant power to the critical infrastructure.

Founded in 1922, Socomec is an industrial group with a workforce of 3900 people and 100 years of experience. Its core business is the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks.

Thanks to this centenary experience, Socomec can provide you with the following solution to grant you peace of mind even during the Stage 8 of load Shedding.


Clean Power with no interruption

Our Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) protect critical installations and ensure energy availability even in the most challenging operating environments. The latest UPS backup power supply systems have reliability and efficiency engineered-in, with an optimised Total Cost of Ownership and the minimum MTTR for maximum availability. With fast re-charge and scalability for power upgrades or redundancy, the new generation of UPS systems delivers improved operational efficiency and reliability. The range is very wide for answering to all needs: from 650VA single-phase to 4.8 MVA three phase, monolithic with paralleling capability or modular.

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Control and Safety in Power Switching

Our power protection and transfer switching solutions are securing power and simplifying energy management across critical applications. Our range of Load Break Switch for AC & DC applications, starts from 16A till 3200A either Manual or automatic, mainly used for generators.

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Energy Consumption Monitoring

Our power quality monitoring and metering solutions will improve energy performance while helping to support informed decision making.  The efficient management of energy costs starts with the accurate measurement and centralised monitoring of energy consumption.  As the market leader in energy metering for over 20 years, our solutions enable you to take greater levels of control over energy usage and efficiency than ever before. By implementing power metering and monitoring systems, electrical parameters and consumption can now be managed at equipment level, identifying potential power issues and tangible cost savings, resulting in lower billing.

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Energy Storage

Energy storage solutions can reduce energy costs, improve the resilience of the electricity grid or facilitate access to electricity. Socomec can provide an experienced and skilled team at your service to make your project a success: pre-sales support, project design & realisation training, field inspection, pre-commissioning and commissioning.

Many solutions are available to fit all needs: starting from 50kW to 1MW on modular range and from 1.5MW on monolithic unit converter. The solutions could be outdoor native or containerized in order to match all environmental conditions.

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