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Loadshedding started off as an inconvenience and now has become part of the life in the South African households. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be going away or getting any better, but there are many ways you can reduce the impact of loadshedding. Leroy Merlin has put together a few tips to help you get through the stages comfortably. Visit or any of their stores to find these items. 


Invest in backup power solutions

One of the best ways to reduce the impact of loadshedding is to invest in backup power solutions. This can include a generator, an inverter or a solar panel system. These systems can provide you with electricity when the power goes out, ensuring that your daily routine is not disrupted. However, it is important to note that these solutions can be expensive, so it is important to budget accordingly. Leroy Merlin has a variety of these solutions, like the Lalela Lithium Iron Inverter Trolley Pure Sinewave 960WH. This inverter should spare you from those candles. The Lalela WIFI UPS R1818  will also keep you connected so that you never miss a zoom call or keep streaming your favourite shows online.


Stock up on essential items

Loadshedding can often last for several hours, if not days. It is important to stock up on essential items such as food, water, and batteries, so that you can continue to function without electricity. It is also a good idea to have a flashlight or lantern on hand, as well as a portable charger for your mobile devices. Rechargeable LED lights like the Magneto rechargeable LED lantern 2.0 and loadshedding bulbs like the Philips warm white rechargeable LED light bulb A67 60W will help you navigate those loadshedding nights


Plan your schedule

It is important to plan your schedule around loadshedding schedules. This can include scheduling important tasks such as cooking, laundry and studying during times when there is electricity available. You can also plan to go out during loadshedding hours to take advantage of places that have electricity, such as cafes or libraries.


Use energy-efficient appliances

Using energy-efficient appliances can help reduce the impact of loadshedding. These appliances use less electricity, which means they will last longer during power outages. It is also a good idea to unplug appliances when they are not in use, as this can help reduce your overall energy consumption. Protecting these appliances from surges and overloads will spare you the pain and expense of having to replace them. The Shucko 12 Way surge protection multiplug and the Ellies TV plug surge protector will ensure that you can keep these appliances safe from any surges or overloads when the power resumes.


Loadshedding can be a frustrating and inconvenient reality for many people. However, by investing in backup power solutions, stocking up on essential items, planning your schedule, using energy-efficient appliances, and staying informed, you can reduce the impact of loadshedding and continue to function during power outages.


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