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Welcome to Okina as part of FSACCI's network!

Okina Company Secretarial Services is a BBBEE women-owned and -controlled business offering boutique board technology, board administration and board training services. We help our clients to run effective board meetings, discharge their duties, and implement sound corporate governance practices, and empower them through education.


Board Technology Services

Okina has teamed up with an international technology partner to bring you the secure board portal software, which allows you to collaborate with others in the compilation of the board pack and then to share that and other key board information with directors. Collaboration can include annotations, discussions, surveys, electronic voting, signing of resolutions and more. The platform has unlimited storage that can be configured for each group to work privately. Through this software board members can access their board packs online or offline from any device.

Boards can benefit by:

  • Receiving board packs on the cell phone, tablet, laptop and desktop
  • Voting submitting surveys, signing resolutions, making annotations and more, from the cell phone.
  • Enhancing efficiency for board and staff
  • Providing security and control for confidential content
  • Easy learning and use for board members
  • Documenting governance activity
  • Showing commitment to best practices in governance

Board Administration Services

At Okina we help companies to have effective meetings by streamlining annual board and committee meeting management. Services include:

Company Secretarial

  • Company secretary appointment
  • Setting up boards and committees (board charters, terms of reference, checklists and workplans
  • Annual board cycle planning (agendas and information coordination)
  • Board pack compilation
  • Meeting management (meeting attendance, minutes, and matters arising)
  • Director induction pack compilation


  • Corporate Governance Framework
  • Board evaluations
  • King IV assessments
  • Board governance advice and guidance

Board Training Services

We supply the following training sessions:

Corporate Governance for leaders

Course Content:

  • Introductions
  • Overview and the cost of not investing in good governance
  • Corporate Governance Framework
  • The Legal Framework
    • Legislation
    • Codes and Guidelines
    • Values and Standards
  • Best Practice in SA:
    • King IV Code on Corporate Governance™
    • background, application, governance structures, sector supplements
  • Why do corporate failures occur?
  • Case Studies
  • Practical implementation recommendations
  • Benefits of investing in good corporate governance
  • Conclusion

Who should attend?

  • Directors
  • Executive Management
  • Senior Management

Director Induction

Course Content:

  • Introductions
  • New director: now what?
  • The role of the Board and the sub & statutory committees
  • Ethical leadership: Characteristics of an ethical leader
  • Companies Act: Director Duties and Responsibilities
  • Conflicts of interests and Independence
  • Declaration of interests and trading in securities
  • Board Evaluation Process
  • Assurance (auditors, internal audit and risk management)
  • Director and Officers Insurance
  • JSE, Sponsor, Transfer Secretaries and Investor Relations
  • Annual Financial Statements, dividends and resolutions
  • Board packs, director remuneration, meeting travel and accommodation
  • Conclusion

Who should attend?

  • Newly appointed directors
  • Executive directors
  • Non-executive directors

Our training sessions are informative and provide a quality and lasting learning experience for all. We supply training services to the board, executives, and employees.


Why choose us

  • Your service provider of choice · Professional service delivery · B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor·
  • Effective board administration · E-version and print board packs ·
  • Secure board portal software · International and local collaborations ·
  • Sound legislative knowledge · Practical work experience · Quality learning experience ·


Visit our website at for more information or contact us on +27 (0) 21 205 9000 or . Follow us on Link

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