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Top 5 risks facing South Africa in 2024 - MoneyWeb 

MoneyWeb, in a recent report, has outlined the five major risks South Africa is expected to confront in the upcoming year. 

1. Political Tension: 

As the nation approaches general elections, political tension is escalating. This is further complicated by labour disputes and budget constraints. Navigating this challenge requires fostering a culture of transparency and inclusivity. 

2. State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs): 

Economic pillars like Eskom, Transnet, and critical entities such as the National Prosecuting Authority go beyond just economic significance—they are symbols of national pride. The potential failure of these entities poses a significant threat to the economy and demands initiative-taking attention. 

3. China: 

The dynamics of South Africa's relationship with China present potential risks. Striking a balance between economic partnerships and safeguarding national interests requires careful navigation to avoid negative repercussions. 

4. Climate Change: 

The intensifying severity of weather events, ranging from droughts to storms, is no longer a distant threat but a current reality. An initiative-taking, rather than reactive, approach is essential. Investing in sustainable agriculture and water conservation technologies becomes crucial. 

5. Service Delivery: 

Efficient service delivery is paramount for citizens' well-being. Any disruptions or inefficiencies in delivering essential services could have far-reaching consequences. 

Addressing these challenges demands a strategic and collaborative approach to ensure South Africa's stability and progress in the year ahead.  

For a comprehensive look at these risks, you can access the complete article: 

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