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A shared mobility solution for the RWC France 2023 with TotalEnergies

Our platinum member TotalEnergies (the official sponsor of the Rugby World Cup France 2023) and France 2023, in partnership with French start-ups have developed a car sharing platform for fans who will be in France during the 2023 RWC.  
With 48 matches to go to and 10 different host cities to travel between, the organisers wanted to find a sustainable way to reduce the carbon footprint while creating a positive world cup experience for fans.

This platform allows supporters to reduce their carbon footprint, gives them the chance to meet new people and allows passengers to save on costs. 
How to use the platform:

1) Are you driving to the stadium and have space in your car ? You can suggest a journey (outward or/and return) on the platform.

2) If you are a fan, you have no means of transport to get to the stadium and you prefer a simple, low-carbon and economical shared mobility solution ? Log on to the platform to find the journey you are looking for. 
And easy solution for all the rugby fans !

To find out more, click here

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