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Global Recycling Day 2024: Celebrating #RecyclingHeroes and Sustainable Innovations 

The 18th of March marks Global Recycling Day, with this year’s theme shining a spotlight on #RecyclingHeroes. 

The French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FSACCI) takes pride in the contributions of its platinum members to the recycling sector, which include EniroServ, Interwaste, and Veolia

Recycling plays a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions, saving over 700 million tons of CO2 annually, a figure expected to rise to 1 billion tons by 2030. 

"At EnviroServe, our passion lies in taking our customers' waste and finding solutions to transform it into something useful or reusable," says EnviroServe. "Joining the circular economy has never been easier, with cost-effective solutions that not only generate income from recyclables but also provide detailed waste recycling reports." 

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"With a staggering 122 million tonnes of waste generated annually, the challenge of waste management looms large on the national agenda," says Minister Barbara Creecy. "Globally, only 20% of waste is recycled, whereas in South Africa, the recycling rate stands at 34%". 

"However, within this challenge lies a remarkable opportunity for transformation," adds Interwaste. "South Africa is not merely grappling with waste management but is also emerging as a beacon of innovation in the recycling realm".

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"By receiving everyday a massive amount of waste tons to recycle, we realize that even at our scale we can help sustainable development and recycling.," says Veolia. "It’s true that the company is quite impressive but it’s still like a family, we are a close-knit team so that’s great." 

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This Global Recycling Day let's celebrate the efforts of #RecyclingHeroes worldwide who are driving positive change for our planet. 

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