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iBi Art: Conversation With Self

The launch of a self-reflective art therapy course with Isa Gesseau

Do you feel overwhelmed, lost or empty? With everything in the world around us so negative and chaotic, it is very easy to loose touch with yourself.

This course will enable you to look within and take a journey with yourself. With Conversation with Self, Isa Gesseau will help you to explore the negatives and the positives in your own life. This is a challenging and insightful process that can be done over and over to help you at any point in your life.

This is a process that is accessible and achievable for all. This process is fun and will be your first step in your self-care process.

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About iBi Art

iBi Art plays a dual role for the public by running a multidisciplinary Art School as well as on-location training seminars for amateurs, hobbyists, and companies/corporates. iBi Art also fills the role of exhibition organisers and representatives for professional artists. iBi Art offers a platform for emerging artists to exhibit their art works.


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