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Interwaste: We Have All Heard About Our Carbon Footprints, But What Are They Really?

What is our carbon footprint? Why should we worry?

We have all heard about the concept of a carbon footprint – but do you know what it is or why we measure it? And more importantly, why should we even worry about what South Africa’s footprint is? 

A carbon footprint is essentially the amount of greenhouse gases you directly, or indirectly produce. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide (CO₂), methane, water vapour, nitrous dioxide and fluorinated gases. Greenhouse gases impact climate change as they trap the sun’s heat in the earth’s atmosphere, affecting the natural processes enabling the atmosphere to control the planet’s temperature i.e. preventing it from becoming too hot or too cold.

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About Interwaste

With a long record of service delivery and technological excellence, Interwaste prides itself in being one of the leading waste management companies operating in Southern Africa. Equipped with passion and driven by the determination to realise their vision of leading in the sustainable preservation of our environment, they consistently innovate and create winning solutions for a range of waste problems.


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