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South African Businesses Underprepared for Cyberattacks: FSACCI Hosts Crucial Event

A recent Cisco survey reveals a glaring vulnerability in South Africa's business landscape: cybersecurity preparedness. At the same time, 73% of surveyed companies anticipate a cyberattack within the next two years, and a mere 5% boast "mature" defences. 

This significant disconnect between perception and reality underscores the urgency for businesses to strengthen their cybersecurity posture. 

The Cisco survey assessed readiness across five critical areas: 

·                     Identity Intelligence: Managing and securing user data within the network (76% of SA companies lack maturity

·                     Network Resilience: Ability to withstand and recover from network attacks. 

·                     Device Security: Protecting all connected devices from vulnerabilities. 

·                     Cloud Security: Ensuring robust security for cloud-based operations. 

·                     AI Security: Integrating AI for proactive cyber defence. 

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FSACCI Steps Up to Address the Challenge!

To delve deeper into the subject, join us at our event tomorrow morning. FSACCI recognizing the gravity of the situation for its members and the broader business community, and will host the "Battling the Shadows of Cyber Criminality" event on Tuesday, May 7th, 2024, from 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM with our cybercrime expert at the French Embassy in South Africa.

This event will delve into the evolving cyber threat landscape, its impact on South African businesses and individuals, and how to navigate the growing challenges and ensure rapid business recovery. 

Don't be a cybercrime victim! Secure your spot at the FSACCI and RSVP at events(@) .

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