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On March 6th, 2024, FSACCI hosted an event addressing the overlooked issue of mental health in the workplace, aiming to underscore its significance.

Speakers Luyolo Geza, CEO and founder at The HR Nephew, and Alain Willem, Executive Coach at Path Coaching, both experts on the topic, offered distinct but complementary perspectives on the topic.


Luyolo Geza emphasized the importance of creating a work environment where mental health is openly discussed and addressed, stating that neglecting mental health in the workplace can lead to serious issues later. He highlighted three key actions: prevention, protection, and support.

It's crucial for individuals to feel comfortable sharing their mental health concerns. Both managers and employees should undergo training to acquire the necessary skills to manage mental health challenges effectively. Implementing return-to-work programs can also aid in facilitating this process.


Alain Willem focused on human potential and self-empowerment, stressing the importance of individuals taking responsibility for their mental well-being and happiness. He emphasized that happiness is an internal process, influenced by one's approach to situations.

Adopting a curious mindset rather than an anxious one has been shown to boost success rates by 28%. While workplaces often prioritize task and time management, the significance of energy management is frequently overlooked. Enhancing energy levels can effectively reduce stress.


We thank Luyolo Geza and Alain Willem for their participation. 

We look forward to the next event ! 



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