Everything you Need to Know About the New Critical Skills List

IBN Immigration Solutions is offering a technical report on the Critical Skill List

What are the changes to the Critical Skills List and how will they affect me and my assignees?

South Africa’s new Critical Skills List came into effect on 2 February 2022. Around 70 roles were removed from the list and new roles were added.

From previous experience with law changes in South Africa, we know that the new laws do not always make practical sense and that there will be some uncertainty during the transition period. There may be obstacles during application with the DHA and their interpretations of the new roles but at IBN Immigration Solutions, we’re working hard to gain clarity on any “grey” areas of the new legislation.

  1.  PR and CSV Applications Submitted before 1st February

If your assignee has submitted their visa or permanent residency application before the 1st of February 2022, their application will still be assessed under the old list of 2014 and all directives will still be applicable. If the assignee’s application is unsuccessful and there are legal grounds for appeal, the application can be re-assessed based on the 2014 list and requirements.

  1.  New Job Titles and OFO Descriptions

The new Critical Skills List identifies specific descriptions for each job role, clearly defining the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) expectations for every job title. The descriptions are in-line with the guidelines determined within the Organising Framework for Occupations (OFO).

We advise that companies and assignees review the updated list to check which categories are still applicable to your assignees. Your assignee’s job title might not appear on the new list, however, review the job descriptions on the new list. Their role may just fall under a new title, therefore, application for a Critical Skills Visa and eventually, permanent residence, may still be possible.


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