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FSACCI donates Beaujolais Nouveau bottles to Recycle 4 Rescue 

In a commendable display of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FSACCI) has taken a significant step towards sustainability by donating all empty Beaujolais Nouveau bottles to the non-profit organization Recycle 4 Rescue. 

Recycle 4 Rescue, founded by Judy Knox and John Ancill in November 2017, focuses on collecting and recycling glass to generate funds for the vital cause of sterilizing dogs and cats in the townships.  

This initiative not only addresses environmental concerns but also contributes to the welfare of animals in need. 

The donation from FSACCI follows the successful Beaujolais Nouveau event held in Johannesburg last month, attended by over 300 guests, including prominent figures from the business and diplomatic spheres.  

The decision to repurpose the empty bottles aligns with FSACCI's commitment to sustainable practices and supporting local initiatives that make a positive impact on the community. 

By choosing Recycle 4 Rescue as the recipient of these bottles, FSACCI is actively participating in a circular economy, where waste is transformed into resources for a meaningful cause.  

This collaboration reflects the growing trend of businesses integrating environmental consciousness into their operations, fostering a more sustainable and responsible business environment. 

As Recycle 4 Rescue continues to grow, the support from organizations like FSACCI becomes instrumental in furthering their mission and creating a lasting positive impact on both the environment and the welfare of animals in South African townships. 

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