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ocean-i: The Official Cigbutt Collection Partner for World Clean-Up Day 2021

Together for a clean planet

In conjuction with the International Coastal Clean-up Day happening on September 18th 2021, World Clean-up Day (WCD) will be taking place. World Cleanup Day is the world’s largest one-day civic action and engages more than 180 countries making it the biggest waste collection day in human history.

This year, ocean-i is the official cigbutt collection partner for WCD and all butts collected in Cape Town. Cigbutts are the most littered item on the planet, particularly in urban areas, are toxic and non-biodegradable, causing significant environmental damage to marine and bird life. 

To abate their impact on our planet, ocean-i will recycle the cigbutt waste collected during the WCD into new ocean-i products, including butt bins and/or sit benches.  

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About ocean-i

ocean-i creates positive ocean-impact through their circular business-unusual-model by contributing a portion of their sales revenue towards collecting land-borne ocean-bound plastic and recycling it into the plastic ‘sand’ which is used in producing their concrete range. In this way, they also create ocean stewardship for their customers who become the 'I' in ocean-i(mpact).


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