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Swig Cups Launches New Integrated Solution

Re-useable cups, cleaning plus delivery!

Swig Cups launches a new integrated service around its re-usable cups, perfect for office use. 

Economic, sustainable & hygenic

  • Order your preferred quantity of cups 
  • Enjoy a more economic, sustainable and safe solution to hydrate your team
  • Swig Cups organises weekly cleaning and delivery to and from you office

Swig Cups have a long lifespan and can be reused multiple times. Don't waste your money on single- use cups to be thrown away and bought again and again. Swig Cups' rates have been designed to help you save money compared to the use of a single-use cup per employee/per day.

Swig offers reusable custom-made cups dedicated to reducing the production of single-use plastic cups. From production through to recycling, Swig Cups is committed to collaborating with South African companies to help minimise our ecological footprint.

Safe & Hygenic
As part of this integrated service, Swig cups cleans your cups for you, using professional cleaning appliances over 70 degrees on cycle studies to eradicate any virus, so key in a time of global pandemic. 

Don't have a water dispenser? Swig Cups arrange it for you!

Connect with Sebastien Blanco, Director at Swig Cups to set up the solution at your office.


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