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Molo Lolo launches Addo African Clothes

Addo African Clothes is a 100% local and ethical clothing brand

Molo Lolo launches Addo African Clothes, a 100% local and ethical clothing brand, creating original safari outfits and wellness accessories, made by local women entrepreneurs.

'We use cotton and hemp from certified organic cultures that does not use any pesticide or chemical fertilizer. The dye process is free from heavy metals and chlorine. 

Our standards ensure that our clothes are manufactured within respect workers’ rights and fair labor practices'.

Addo African Clothes is an alternative to fast fashion companies and gives you the opportunity to buy locally and responsibly, and contribute to the development of a fair and sustainable trade. 

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Addo African Clothes official launch will take place on the 4th, 5th & 6th of March 2021 from 4pm at Molo Lolo Lodge in Cape Town.

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About Molo Lolo Group

Molo Lolo Group offers great service and unique experiences in both their Addo African Home & Molo Lolo Lodge properties. Molo Lolo Group is engaged in a fair, eco-friendly and sustainable business approach and aims at respecting and protecting the environment as well as their employees and guests. 


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