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Kubheka, CEO of Bombela Operating Company, spotlighted in Railways Africa Magazine

In a recent feature in Railways Africa Magazine, Nthabiseng Kubheka, the Chief Executive Officer of Bombela Operating Company (PTY) LTD, sheds light on the intricate dynamics of "operating and maintaining" the Gautrain, South Africa's premier public transport initiative in Gauteng. 

Bombela Operating Company proudly holds the status of a platinum member within the French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FSACCI). 

Kubheka, who has been at the helm of Bombela Operating Company, underscores the multifaceted responsibilities involved in ensuring the seamless operation of the Gautrain. "Operating and maintaining means the everyday, every minute role of making sure the trains run on time, that the stations are clean and safe, that the travelers have a pleasant experience, and that the trains are kept in good shape," explains Kubheka. This 24/7 commitment demands an integrated ecosystem, encompassing real-time mobile apps for train schedules, seamless payment options, and a diverse workforce ranging from drivers to station agents. 

She draws a parallel between the commuter's journey and the comprehensive efforts involved in maintaining the Gautrain system. "Think of a journey you make from home to the office," Kubheka continues, "it starts with the app for real-time info, followed by parking or bus options, and culminates in a safe, clean, and punctual train ride. All in all, we're talking about a workforce of 500 direct and 1,600 indirect people committed to serving the public around the clock." 

Beyond the operational intricacies, Kubheka highlights the broader vision that underpins the Gautrain initiative. "The Gautrain reflects the Gauteng province's ambition—of modernity, effectiveness, dynamism, and environmental goals through public transit. It is one-of-its-kind in the country and serves as a showcase of what public transport could be in South Africa." 

While the Gautrain primarily caters to professionals and students, Kubheka points out that it is just one piece of the larger public transport puzzle. "Other examples of public transport systems that our parent company, RATP Group, operates—such as in Cairo, Casablanca, or Riyadh — are designed to meet the broader needs of the population. Whether it's to make travel easier for those who can't afford a car or to make it faster and safer for those who can, each city we serve has its unique challenges and opportunities." 

In essence, Kubheka encapsulates the universality and adaptability of public transport initiatives. "Every city is different—culturally, economically, socially. Yet, whatever their specific aims may be, public transport can support them and make everyday life a bit easier for a lot of people every day." 

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Bombela Operating Company (BOC) Operates and Maintains multimodal transportation systems, the Gautrain, an integrated public transport system for the residents of Gauteng. BOC is part of a global group RATP Dev (French) which is one of the leaders internationally for managing public transport systems. 

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