Profile Feature: Nthabiseng Kubheka - A Journey of Leadership and Empowerment

Nthabiseng Kubheka, the Chief Executive Officer of Bombela Operating Company, recently engaged in a candid conversation with Noluthando Mthonti-Mlambo on Power FM, shedding light on her remarkable journey balancing motherhood and career while making strides in the energy sector. Born and raised in the vibrant streets of Soweto, Johannesburg, Nthabiseng shares fond memories of her upbringing, deeply influenced by the love and values instilled by her grandparents.

"I come from a loving family with strong values, largely shaped by our grandparents. My grandfather, in particular, played a significant role in shaping my character, and my dad, well, let's just say he thought I was ready for grade one when I was just a toddler," she chuckles, reminiscing about her early years.

Her journey into the energy sector began after completing her studies in Analytical Chemistry. "I started my career at the age of 20, with my in-service training, before transitioning into the energy industry in 2001. This was around the time my son, Mpho, was born, and unfortunately, I lost his dad when I was five months pregnant," Nthabiseng reveals, reflecting on the challenges she faced early in her career.

Joining Eskom marked a significant turning point in her professional trajectory. "Eskom was where I truly honed my skills and discovered my passion for leadership. It was a transformative experience that laid the foundation for my future endeavours," she explains, emphasizing the pivotal role the company played in her career development.

Transitioning to Bombela Operating Company in 2021 presented Nthabiseng with new challenges and opportunities for growth. "Joining Bombela was a career move that allowed me to put my leadership abilities to the test. It's not just about technical expertise; it's about leading with vision and purpose," she affirms.

Passionate about people development, Nthabiseng defines success through the impact she has on others. "For me, success is when I receive calls and messages from people saying, 'Ausi Nthabiseng, I just got a promotion, and I remember the lessons you taught me years ago.' It's about empowering others and fostering a culture of growth and development," she shares, highlighting her commitment to nurturing talent within the industry.

As she continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of motherhood and career, Nthabiseng remains steadfast in her dedication to empowering women in leadership and inspiring the next generation of changemakers in the energy sector.

Listen below to the full interview:

Nthabiseng, CEO of Bombela Operating Company, will be joining us as one of the esteemed speakers at our upcoming International Women's Day webinar. Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendars for this empowering event!

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