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TotalEnergies' pioneering efforts in South Africa's energy transition

In a resolute commitment to becoming a multi-energy company and leading the charge in the global energy transition, TotalEnergies is making substantial strides with its General Manager of Strategy, Sunil Gandhi, at the helm in the country. 

Gandhi highlights the company's core mission: "Our quest is for more energy with fewer emissions." A testament to this commitment is the Solar Plant in Prieska, Northern Cape, built in collaboration with partner Mulilo. Operational since 2016, the plant boasts an 86 MW capacity, providing electricity to approximately 75,000 South African households. 

TotalEnergies is actively addressing the energy crisis in South Africa through projects like the Hydra Project, a significant part of the Risk Mitigation IPP Program.  

Gandhi elaborates, "We were selected to construct and operate a 216 MWp solar PV project, coupled with a 450 MWh Battery Energy Storage (BESS) facility. This initiative aims to produce dispatchable power for Eskom, directly mitigating the impact of load shedding." 

Operating in 130 countries, TotalEnergies' multi-energy approach is making waves globally, with South Africa playing a pivotal role.  

Gandhi expresses pride in witnessing the collective efforts propelling TotalEnergies towards the #NetZero2050 objective. 

As platinum members of the French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FSACCI), TotalEnergies continues to shape the future of energy with sustainable solutions. 

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