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ENS Africa tackles Responsible AI 

ENS Africa's largest law firm has developed a toolkit for companies to navigate the complex implementation of Responsible AI in their organizations. 

The law firm believes in the forever changing landscape of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a height of innovation. 

AI offers unparalleled opportunities for companies to reach new heights in daily effective operations, however, as organisations dive deeper in the spheres of AI, they encounter several ethical dilemmas and responsibilities that should not be overlooked. 

Some practical considerations to ensure the responsible use of AI include: 

  • Data Privacy: Protecting personal data is crucial. This involves implementing robust data privacy measures, anonymizing data, and ensuring that clients comprehend how AI is employed while also obtaining their consent when relevant. This is especially important in applications like personalisation and profiling 

  • Bias Mitigation: Continuously monitoring and mitigating bias (and conflicts of interest) in AI algorithms. Making use of diverse and representative datasets, adapting as needed and conducting audits to verify compliance. 

  • Transparency: Providing clear explanations of decisions and operations to ensure transparency, especially in critical applications like financial services. 

  • Accountability: Establishing clear lines of responsibility for AI systems and holding individuals and organisations accountable for their actions, including liability in cases of AI errors. 

On the 7 November 2023 ENS will host a seminar to discuss how to optimize responsible AI for maximum ROI. 

For more information about the seminar, contact Wilmari Strachan, Executive | Technology, Media and Telecommunications at wstrachan(@) 

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